Today marks 4 years working at HubSpot, and it is overwhelming to think about the innumerable opportunities I have had, and how much I have grown both personally and professionally. It's not lost on me in my current role that my very presence and experience is the truest manifestation of HubSpot walking the walk on D,I&B, and I wanted to share a little bit about why:
***I joined HubSpot with 2 careers under my belt already. As a Hispanic Female Leader with no previous experience in tech (and a bit older than the average HubSpotter), there are not too many examples of others before me. Immigrants to this country, my parents learned English when they arrived in the US, became school administrators who taught me the value of giving back to our communities and my path followed their footsteps completely unaware of the many paths I could take to do mission driven work. My experience looked different and HubSpot didn't just take a chance on me- they sought me out, welcomed me with open arms, actively looked to learn from my experience, and they were beyond supportive in helping me grow. Thank you Becky McCullough and Katie Burke for looking beyond the resume, and for always pushing me to grow.
***As a mother of 2 young children, I have always had the support of my Managers and teams in being a caregiver first, and in ensuring my life outside of work was rich and full. Being a mom is who I am, and that has always been celebrated, respected and supported. Seeing how many parents we now have at HubSpot who are thriving, makes me beyond proud.
***When I first started, I was grieving. Not only was I given the time and space to grieve my brother, but I was also provided with opportunities to speak on the topic of addiction and to create opportunities to help others experiencing the devastation of the opioid epidemic. I was able to bring my full self and I will forever be grateful for the arms that were wrapped around me during this time (and still).
***In my time here, I've been promoted twice. As a woman of color, it is critical to acknowledge the profound impact this has had on my career, my economic standing and that of my children. We don't often talk about the disparities of individuals who don't come to the table with intergenerational wealth and connections. HubSpot has fundamentally changed the trajectory of my future and that of my family.
***Finally, I get to do awesome work and truly make an impact every day. I have had the absolute privilege of working alongside and partnering on hiring some of the absolute best in the business (Kate Bueker, Yamini Rangan, Camilo Clavijo, Crevan O'Malley to name a few) changing the course of this awesome company! I partner with a team and work with leaders across the company who care deeply about creating equity and ensuring each and every one of our HubSpotters feel they belong. There is much work to do, but my heart is full and I'm ready for the next four years- let's go!!

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