Incredible work by the @loomSDK team. We were in Alpha in April, Beta by June, and with intent listening and iteration we are now officially in GA 🚀✨ A huge thank you to our dozens of Alpha and Beta partners who worked with us as we ironed out the kinks 🙏🏼

Our view has always been that async video is a critical missing piece of the communication and collaboration stack at work. It just felt missing. We also believe that Loom is at our best when recording, editing, sharing feels as in flow to your work as possible.

If you've built in the video space, performance and reliability including video player, encoding, delivery, viewer expectations, and hardware permutations is incredibly difficult. For 5.5 yrs, the Loom team has obsessed over the best async video infra for work in the world. We got to a point where we were confident in opening up our video infrastructure so that async video could be natively integrated into every app.

R&D Teams: Few hours to have loomSDK up n' runnin. Easy.
1) recordSDK: If you're a platform where new artifacts are created one-click recording is powerful.
2) embedSDK: loom links shared on your platform? Users love automatic expansion to inline video player.

I'm excited to watch the community make async video a default across the internet. In this Digital HQ world, we all benefit from a bit more humanity in our day to day 😁
ii) Dev Docs
iii) Dev Portal:

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