Friends! Acquaintances! Partners! And you, dear competitors, checking out my LinkedIn again 😻(we are hiring) 😉

2019 has been yet an amazing year for Contractbook. We have launched new products, developed new features and improved the interface of the platform to help you make better contracts. We promise to keep the pace in 2020. #bettercontracts

We have also sought to create an impact by voicing our opinions on legal innovation, launching a Library, and creating a new initiative where we plant a tree for every 100 digital signatures transacted on Contractbook 🌳 Let's make the next decade the green decade. 💚

Finally, as you might have noticed, we have secured a large investment from the VC-funds byFounders and Gradient Ventures 💸 With those funds, we have been able to give ourselves the Christmas present of all. A growing family.

So may I introduce you to all the lovely new members of the Contractbook Family: Mads, Emilie, Karol, Su-Ann, Casper, Erlend, Adam, Mathilde, and Marat. Also, say hello to Mora and Verah who haven't got LinkedIn Profiles yet - primarily because they are dogs...

Jarek, Niels, and team - let's kick some ass in 2020!! 🤝

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